Client Testimonials

Jacob Hernandez from Kelly Klee
Kerry Buckley
Director of Technology, Greylock Partners
My relationship with Little Robot began when I was in need of a guru to help me build out custom formulas and views inside Coda. From the start, Courtney and the entire Little Robot team have been knowledgeable, engaging and highly responsive. Courtney has been an effective member of our team over the last few months: she’s helped me to identify requirements, structure data, and pull together analytics - all of which has resulted in powerful front end tools that are a daily part of our workflow.
In addition to Coda development, Little Robot has helped us review & enhance another custom-code internal application. Not only did they quickly identify several bugs and issues that had been missed during initial testing, but they’ve also offered valuable suggestions for enhancing the user experience and improving the overall functionality of the application.
Working with Little Robot has not only increased our efficiency, but has enabled us to deliver projects more quickly, leading to greater internal engagement and improved business outcomes. I truly appreciate their attention to detail, clear communication and commitment to delivering high-quality work on time and within budget.
Jacob Hernandez from Kelly Klee
Charo Neville
Curator, Kamloops Art Gallery
Little Robot was a joy to work with from the very beginning. They provided a reasonable and thoughtful proposal addressing the needs we set out in our search for a web developer, with the ultimate goal of hosting our public art collection online.
As a visual arts organization, our curatorial vision and professional standards for sharing images of artworks are specific. Paige and Daila understood this and developed an app that incorporated each request, limitation and dream we had for the project. They were incredibly professional and enjoyable to work with. They provided a very clear framework and tools for the working process, which was new to us, and this made the process easy and achievable.
We are deeply proud of the resulting collection website; it enables us to share our collection with the public in a way that is easy to navigate and visually striking. It’s back-end functionality is also very user-friendly. The website opens up new channels for us to communicate about our collection with the public as well as other curators, researchers and educators. It accomplishes all that we hoped!
We were slightly sad to complete our project with Little Robot as Paige and Daila felt like an extension of our team at the Gallery and have become close colleagues. We would highly recommend working with them, specifically to other Collections Managers and Curators in the field who are looking to put their collections online.
Jacob Hernandez from Kelly Klee
Krystyna Halliwell
Collections Manager/Registrar, Kamloops Art Gallery
The team at Little Robot were amazing to work with. From the moment they presented their proposal to develop a web application for hosting our public art collection online, it was clear that this was a team that would work with us to achieve our hopes and dreams for this project and develop a product we could all be proud of.
Paige and Daila were a joy to work with. They provided a transparent and professional working process built on clear communication and goal-oriented deliverables. The resulting collection website showcases our institution’s art collection better than we could have imagined! It is visually pleasing and easy to navigate, with a back-end functionality that is equally user-friendly. We would highly recommend working with the team at Two Story Robot, especially to those in the arts and culture sector looking to showcase their collections online.
Jacob Hernandez from Kelly Klee
Jacob Hernandez
CTO, Kelly Klee
One of the true pleasures in life is working with the team over at Little Robot—that and strong coffee. If I had to choose one, I'd agonize over it for days and then switch entirely to tea.
The reason is simple: they deliver on their promises. They are experts at precisely what they say on their website. Also, they possess a trait that's extremely rare in the software development world: if they don't know something, they'll just come out and say it. With these two things, you can't go wrong choosing them for your next no-code or low-code build.
But, it's better than that. I've now tackled multiple projects with Little Robot, and the final product of each has been better than I imagined. The team is incredibly communicative, responsive, easy to work with, and understands the delicate balancing act of feature-rich and time constraints. They add their own expertise to your project as a seasoning to your vision and plan—resulting in a product that will exceed your expectations. Every time I interact with the team at Little Robot, it's apparent that they care. They want to deliver exceptional work every time and leave their clients satisfied.
Since I haven't actually had to choose between coffee and Little Robot, I'm raising my cup to them ☕️ and expect to always reach out to them to make my life easier.
Kirsteen from Seaton Forest Products out hiking
Kirsteen Laing
Administrator, Seaton Forest Products
Little Robot took my numerous Excel spreadsheets, where I did a lot of copying and pasting, and consolidated them all into an easy, functional no-code app. It has made my data entry and reporting more accurate and less time consuming. They first tackled my company’s Log Delivery system and, because I was so happy with the result, I had them build a similar app for my Mill Production system. They were even able to connect the two systems so that they now sync automatically.
The employees at Little Robot were all really friendly, helpful and easy to work with. I really appreciated having one person (Courtney) dedicated to this project so that there was continuation in communication. Courtney was able to understand what my requirements were and picked up on the many complexities of our industry with ease. She was always quick to respond to changes, whether big or small.
The quality of the work was beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend Little Robot to work on any project.