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Coda’s Export Tool vs our Export Tables Pack

If you read our previous blog post, you know about the Export Tables Coda Pack we built to solve a missing feature in Coda: being able to export tables as XLSX/CSV files. Well, we have an update...
Jul 12, 2022
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Making a Pack to solve a missing feature in Coda (exporting tables)

This article explains the motivation behind creating our first custom Coda Pack (Export Tables) and how the pack development process unfolded. During a project we completed last year with Seaton...
Mar 28, 2022

Saving repeating group input values with one button press in Bubble

I spend my days raving about no-code (which I’m sure my co-workers find very endearing), and I build 99% of my apps without writing a line of code. However, one of the best things I’ve discovered...
Feb 28, 2022
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Hey, no-code developers... come Meetup with us!

The Little Robot team is coming up on two years since we timidly dipped our toes into the world of no-code, and what a ride it’s been! We’ve engaged in a number of new projects, tested the limits...

Feb 7, 2022
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Migrating Seaton Forest Products from Excel spreadsheets to Coda

We helped Kirsteen from Seaton Forest Products migrate her sawmill’s operational tracking entirely from Excel spreadsheets to Coda. There were two main processes that needed to be tracked...
Jan 24, 2022
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Making app-building accessible for non-software developers

We've been talking a lot about "no-code" lately, and if you've attended one of our introductory webinars, hopefully you understand why! But if you haven't yet been introduced to the world...
May 21, 2021